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Eagles Athletics

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Eagles Athletics

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2018-2019 Winter (Holiday) Blocks of Athletic Training Coverage


Date                   School Issue                                   Time Frame                                    AT Who Is Covering

S 11/17                                                                        10:00a-2:00p                                                Aud

M 11/19             ED @ 11:30                                     2:00p-8:30p                                                 Both

T 11/20               ED @ 11:30                                     2:00p-8:30p                                                 Both

W 11/21             No school                                        11:00a-3:00p                                                Kyle      

R 11/22               No school                                        off

F 11/23               No school                                        9:00a-2:00p                                                   Aud

S 11/24                                                                         9:00a-noon                                                   Kyle

M 11/26             No school                                        8:00a-10:00a; 4:30p-8:30p                         Aud; Kyle   


S 12/1                                                                           3:00p-5:00p                                                  Kyle

S 12/8                 Tipoff Tournament                        11:00a-6:30p                                                 Both

S 12/15                                                                         10:00a-noon                                                 Aud

F 12/21               ED @ 1:00                                       1:00p-5:00p                                                   Aud      

S 12/22                ( GBK game 11am  )                      10:00a-2:00p                                                Kyle

M 12/24             No School                                         off

T 12/25               No School                                         off

W 12/26             No School                                         8:00a-2:00p                                                   Aud

R 12/27               No School                                        11:30a-3:00p                                                  Kyle    

F 12/28               No School                                        taping prior to departure only      

S 12/29                                                                         9:00a-1:00p                                                    Aud

M 12/31             No school                                        10:00a-2:00p                                                  Kyle

T  1/1                  No school                                        3:00p-5:00p                                                    Aud      

S 1/5                       ( BBK  game noon)                     11:00a-3:00p                                                  Kyle                                                

S 1/12    (GBK/BBK game noon/1:30)                    11:00a-3:00p                                                   Both

W 1/16               ED @ 11:30                                     4:00p-8:00p                                                    Aud

R 1/17                 ED @ 11:30                                     3:00p-9:00p                                                   Both

S 1/19                 Blue & White Duals                       6:30a-6:00p                                                    Both+Ashlee

M 1/21                No School                                       1:00p-5:00p                                                    Kyle                    

S 1/26                 JH Round Robin Tnmt + BK          9:00a-3:00p; 5:00p-9:00p                             Aud; Kyle

Post season: Coaches will provide post season schedule if applicable!!!

No admittance without completed online registration – cashier will be checking upon entry.  Only report to physicals if this is your first PIAA sport of the school year!!

The deadline for completed senior high online registration AND completed physical paperwork turn-in is November 12, 2018, 4 days prior to the start of the senior high winter season, November 16, 2018.

The deadline for completed junior high online registration AND physical paperwork turn-in is November 20, 2018, 7 days prior to the start of the junior high winter season, November 27, 2018.

All athletes need to complete online registration.  NO exceptions.  Visit , scroll through Announcements on Right and click on Instructions for NEW Online Registration.  Read them, and click on Online Registration portal on lower Right side of screen.   See which option you need below:

  1. First PIAA sport of school year – Complete Tab 1, Tab 2, and Tab 3 choosing Sports Registration, print HH and PE forms BEFORE clicking Submit!!!!
  2. Second PIAA sport of school year – review Tabs 1 & 2, then under Tab 3 choose Winter Sports Recertification, click all needed boxes and print Section 8 if needed BEFORE clicking Submit!

Recertification yields no papers to turn in UNLESS you need Section 8 to be completed by a doctor.

Sports registration yields 2 forms, one you fill out, one for the doctor to fill out – bring to physicals!

Only paperwork with the BigTeams watermark will be accepted, and only after verifying completed online registration.  When you click Submit, a pop-up box will tell you if you have successfully submitted, or if your registration has been “saved as a draft” à that means there’s more info to enter, please review and try again until it says, “successfully submitted to Athletics”.

Incomplete online registration OR physical paperwork = No Practice/Play until BOTH are completed

JHS Library will be available for anyone unable to register prior, or whose registration saved instead of submitting.  **All physicals turned in after the deadline will be subject to a 24 hour administrative hold!**

Address any questions to Audrey at or text (no calls) at 610-780-5940.

Please note our new Parent Information handout is also available under Files and Links.  Let us know if you have any questions after reading the information - we're happy to get feedback! 


Athletic Training news:

Parents - if your son or daughter sees a doctor for an injury or condition during their sports season, a note from that doctor needs to be given to Audrey, Kyle, or the main office as soon as possible.  No exceptions will be made, no athlete will be allowed to play without a doctor's note.?


Impact baseline testing will be offered individually & in sessions.  Contact Audrey or Kyle if you'd like your child to have a baseline test for future use.  See "Files &  Links" section for the permission slip that your child MUST turn in to sit for the test.  No cell phones will be allowed to be on during testing.

Parents - please help us to help your children to take care of their bodies as though they are finely tuned machines.  All athletes should be focusing on drinking water all day long, getting plenty of sleep (8 hours or more!), eating good foods regularly, stretching and icing while at home, and making good decisions about their bodies.

Cups are no longer available from the athletic training department - please make sure your son/daughter brings their own bottle to practice.  Bottles are available from the athletic department, all the athlete must do is request one.

Most injuries require strengthening to get better and to avoid future re-injury.  Stretching is NOT strengthening and is not enough to avoid re-injury in most cases.  Please discuss this difference with your children - it's a common misconception.  We at ESMP believe strongly that most conditions and injuries can be resolved completely with a little dedication and effort on the part of the athlete - there is no such thing as a 9th grader with "bad knees" (in most cases!!), just an athlete with a muscular imbalance that can be corrected!!!  See your athletic trainer for details on how to avoid the same body part hurting every season - preseason is a great time to start rehabilitation to come at the season strong!!  We are here to help you!!

Call/text/email your licensed athletic trainers:

Audrey Dickman 610-780-5940 or Kyle Moyer 610-780-4287 w/ questions.
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