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Eagles Athletics

Exeter Township


Eagles Athletics

Exeter Township

Eagles Athletics

Exeter Township

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2 years ago @ 8:34AM

Need to Contact a coach/see a Schedule? Click here for instructions.
Picture of Team page to demonstrate how to change seasons.

Fall Sports 2018 High School and Junior High:

Please visit to contact a Fall 2018 coach for summer open gyms/workouts.  

By default, the 2017-18 sports information will appear on the pages until July 1st.  After this date, all pages will automatically show the 2018-19 information (Roster, schedule, coach information, etc).  To see the 2018-19 information prior to July 1st, follow these directions:

Click on the season (Fall, Winter, Spring) on the page, then the sport you are looking for. (for example, go to fall, soccer, girls varsity soccer)   

Next, select the Fall 2018-19 season from the pulldown menu in blue right next to the sport title on the page. (if on girls soccer page, for example, the season will be to the right of "Girls Varsity Soccer" title).  Once you change the season, all pages will default to that season until you close the page or manually change it back to the previous season.  The attached picture will provide a visual of this information.  Please change the season to 2018-19 prior to contacting coaches, since some coaches have changed for next year.   

If you or your child is participating in a sport for this coming season, please make sure to register for this site and indicate which teams to follow.  You will receive alerts as schedules are changes and some coaches will use this site to communicate with students and families.

Thank you.


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