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Eagles Athletics

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Eagles Athletics

Exeter Township

Eagles Athletics

Exeter Township

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4 years ago @ 9:27AM

Want to sign up for an Exeter BigTeams account, here is the info!

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Big Teams instruction for parents

Our new athletics site, is part of the Big Teams/Schedule Star Sports network.  Parents can setup an account and subscribe to any sport in either the Senior High or Junior High.  You will receive alerts when schedules change, games are cancelled, or when coaches have information to share.   You can also download the Big Teams app and configure your teams to receive notification on IOS or Android.  Here is a link to the Android App and IOS (Apple App Store) App.

How to set up my Big Teams Fan Account?

To create your fan account, go to the fan account login box (shown below) on the home page of your schools' website and click “Create Account” 

You will be directed to the page below. Fill in all information. Then click the “Sign Up” button at the bottom.

Once you click “Sign up” your page will refresh. Here you can change your username and password, as well as delete your account!

Once your account has been created your will have the ability to sign up for alerts, select favorite teams and submit photos to your Athletic Director to be added to the site.

To add alerts and favorite your teams, click the "My Favorites/Alerts" tab at the top. You will be directed to the page below. You will be asked to put in your cell number in again, as well as your cell phone carrier. You will also need to select Email & Text from the dropdown this is important because this is how you will receive your alerts. You can leave the text type as “Detailed”

**If your "My Favorites/Alerts" page looks different than the one below please click here. Your schools is using our scheduling system (Schedule Star) in addition to the BigTeams site and the alert sign up is a little bit different!  Exeter DOES use Schedule Star for all of our athletic scheduling.


Then continue to scroll down, there you will see a list of all of your school’s sports. You will want to check the box listed under the favorites column AND select “yes” in the drop down listed under the alerts column.
Then continue to scroll to the very bottom of the page and click “Update”

The page will refresh and your information will be saved.


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